Saturday, September 19, 2009

We are finally filming "Go Sukashi" at the end of this month.

"Go Sukashi" is a project that we (Westhavenbrook) are creating with Doug TenNapel, Watanabe Entertainment and Dentsu. It is a live action re-invention of an anime and video game character created by Japanese popstar/musicion/artist/actress Shoko Nakagawa. (also known as Shokotan to her fans. . . I never know what to call her. She has too many names.)

Shoko herself will appear in our short action comedy film based on her character. Her scenes were actually already shot at some point during her recent tour (in Hong Kong I think)

Also featured in this film: the modern entertainment enigma, Brooke Brodack, and

the comedic and editorial genius Justin Spurlock.

My requisite stunt team will be along for the ride headed up by myself and Adam Parker, who you may recognize as the fighter in bandages from "The Danger Element"

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  1. I love all of your stuff man, I really hope you get a chance to keep doing this professionally, and get your ass paid!

    I also really hope I get a chance to work with you someday, and maybe even fight Battle Jitni.

    Best of everything.

    -Glen Matthews