Friday, March 12, 2010

Back in action

Had a really cool conference call this morning with Doug TenNapel, Justin Spurlock and a contact in New York about some really interesting things that I hope end up happening. (If they don't happen, at least I never said they would!)

Right at the moment I am puting some last minute touches on my design for tomorrow's fight scene that I'll be performing with Adam Parker (Who plays the Green Randal!). This one is for Go Sukashi: Episode 3. For those of you who care, you probably know that Episode 2 was supposed to come out on the first. Obviously there have been some delays due to circumstances beyond our control. Its rescheduled to come out on the first of April and will blow your mind. Hal Forsstrom is pulling all nighters on a visual effects sequence that is incomprehensibly awesome AND there is a surprise ending!

I'll get back to you all tomorrow with more news from the set and from the future. For now, enjoy these two fine specimens of anticipatory entertainment.

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