Monday, August 23, 2010


I just finally finished the second episode of THE DANGER ELEMENT (more than a year after the first episode) and I am super pumped about it.

For those of you who were there on the very first day I ever did anything with these characters almost 11 years ago, some familiar faces are back. In a really odd way, I did this just for you. Every little word I wrote for them was pretty much scribbled out of excitement for how the five or six of you who remembered would react. If you love them and the rest of the world hates them, I'll still be happy.

I have to draw special attention to some of the people who contributed literally thousands of dollars worth of their magical talent to this particular project with an inexplicable lack of any damands in return:
First, of course, my partners who have worked on just about everying with me since 1999, Justin Spurlock and Ben Beames.
These men make sacrifices you cannot imagine for reasons I can't quite explain to help me get my work done. They are involved at every step of the process, from consulting with me on how things should look when I am planning to hurting themselves trying to shoot it.

Second, Glen Gabriel, who composed the entire musical score for this episode in spite of an insane schedule and family concerns on the other side of the planet in Sweden. You will remember that Glen's work appeared along side that of Kyle Santos' in the first episode. I attribute a huge percentage of that short's success to the talent of both of these guys.

Third, Ben Page, who not only took time out of his professional set and prop building work to appear in these films, but also built Enki's spectacular rifle prop from a crummy sketch I did on a crumpled up piece of paper.

Fourth, Hal Forsstrom, who stayed late after work for a month and many times stayed awake all night (as we all often do) to create the Westhavenbrook Logo and the opening credits which are both used in both episodes. Working with him on this was one of the biggest learning experiences I have yet had in the collaborative process of making films. You can still find him losing sleep to this day doing special effects and motion graphics for our other show on Go Sukashi!

Finally, My Sister, Kato. (Yes, Mom, I have a sister you didn't know about. We were going to tell you when we were filming at your house, but there was just so much going on.)
Kato was literally too busy to work on this project. I don't care what she tells you, she didn't have time to do this and she still did it. in the middle of some of the biggest promotional work for Doctor Steel and right as her own company, , began to explode in popularity with no one to design, construct and fill orders but herself, she decided to design and fabricate an entire costume for my actress on this episode of The Danger Element. On top of that, she then decided she had time to fly up here from LA to fit her, do her make up, do script supervisor duties and even pick up a camera to film me crashing through a wall. If I did the math, I am pretty sure I would owe her like 20 thousand dollars.

There are others I could talk about, but it is these people who are truly the reason this looks the way it does. Without them, it would not be the same. I am sure you are all bored by now and just want to watch something, so here it is!
Don't leave before the end of the credits. There is a sneak peak of episode 3 that i am rather proud of.


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