Friday, May 3, 2013

The world changes so fast now that I can't help but seriously consider that the goals I have held far out in front of me since I was 9 years old suddenly, at some point, moved beside me without my realizing it. And they look totally different from the side than they did from behind. The only valuable thing I can say about any of it is that actively chasing a goal is a much stranger and more confusing experience than the act of simply thinking or talking about it or wishing it would achieve itself. The mark of our dreams is an imaginary end point that we regard as "success." The mark of the reality to which those dreams lead us is endless convolution. This isn't an inherently bad thing. It is, however, commonly made bad through the common abuse of romance in the common train of thought. Just as many of us choose belief systems based on how they make us feel even after we observe that real things do not become less real when we do not like them, so too do we forge simple dreams in a universe whose defining mark is complexity. If I am not guilty of one, I am guilty of the other.

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