Monday, November 18, 2013

I've learned that when you spend 7 years working on the same project, you are eventually confronted with the fact that the story you are trying to tell has begun to become eclipsed by the story of trying to tell it. The story behind the story somehow starts to mean more to you (I say somehow, but it is kind of obvious when the project has taken more than 20 percent of your lifetime to complete) and you start wanting to share that story.

I've never been totally sure how to do this. I've tried making weekly video reports on the production of THE DANGER ELEMENT, but, between trying to make a living and actually make the series, its become an outlet that I've had to jettison to make room for the project itself to be completed. Making even the simplest and silliest update video and uploading it to youtube can be an all day affair and that's a day I could be spending in post on THE DANGER ELEMENT.  Writing has always been a considerably less time consuming habit for me, so I decided recently that I'd try my hand at promulgating my version of the history of this project through the clumsily written word. I figure maybe I'll do a post once a week about this.

I believe it was around November of 2006. I could be wrong about that, but it was close to that time. I'd recently come off the anomalous global "success" of a web series I'd made with Doug TenNapel called SOCKBABY.
Some friends and I were in San Francisco after a day of scouting out the Sutro Baths and the Abandoned military complexes around the city. One of them comes up to me and asks me this question: "What kind of a film could you make for 25,000 dollars?" I was a little caught off guard by the question, but I was also ignorantly confident of my abilities. From that day forward, I began planning my first feature film.

That's where THE DANGER ELEMENT project began, but that's not the beginning of the story.
More to come.

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